LBA  Due To Inflammatory Causes


Principal causes are:

  • pyogenic osteomyelitis - a suppurative process of the bone caused by a pyogenic infection. The disease in acute condition may present with pain, swelling, fever with chill,rise in ESR.
  • Tuberculosis- secondary to pulmonary tuberculosis, also known as the Pott’s disease. It can result in collapse of vertebrae or fracturing of bone. Immune suppressed population like HIV patients are more prone to this disease. lower thoracic region is the most common site.clinical features include:
    • weakness
    • Anorexia
    • Night sweat and cries
    • Evening/afternoon temp
    • back ache may be localized or referred
    • wasting of muscles
    • kyphotic deformity
    • spastic or flaccid paraplegia may be seen
  • rheumatic arthritis- it is a non suppurative inflammation of synovial joints. It has about 3 times more incidence in females. mostly starts in the middle age. Any 4 of the following features can be diagnostic
  • morning stiffness
  • swelling of 3 or more specified joint
  • swelling of joint in hand and wrist
  • symmetrical swelling
  • rheumatoid nodule
  • rheumatoid factor positive
  • ankylosing spondylitis- it is also known as Marie-strumpbell disease or bekhterevs disease. It is characterized by progressive inflammatory stiffness of joints.most common onset is in the 2nd and 3rd decades of life.
  • Myositis- inflammation of muscle tissue esp. voluntary muscles.
  • Fibrositis- it is inflammation of the white fibrous connective tissue,such as muscle sheaths that result in pain and stiffness. Occurring in lumbar region, called lumbago.clinical features include chronic wide spread pain, fatigue, and increased pain on pressure,tingling of skin etc.

Ayurvedic treatment in inflammatory cases
In acute stage

  • Lepa(anti inflammatory ext application)
  • Swedana(sudation)
  • Internal medication

After amavastha

  • Bandage
  • Brimhana
  • Vathasamana treatment

In chronic stage

  • Pachana
  • Snehapana(oleation)
  • Swedana(sudation)
  • Virechana(purgation)
  • Asthapana( medicated enema)
  • Brimhana
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